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Company Info.

Business Content



・Launch of the interior textile brand KUMASHIMA in collaboration with architect Kengo Kuma.
・Produced wall paper and upholstery for The Ritz-Carlton, Fukuoka.
・Launched Starbucks Coffee "JIMOTO Made" original products.


・Kokura-ori" registered as a regional collective trademark by the Japan Patent Office.


・Made props and sets using Kokura-ori for classical Japanese dance" MojiShunju," Culture City of East Asia Kitakyushu 2020→2021
・Made medal ribbon for Artistic Gymnastic World Championships(AGWC) and Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships(RGWC) in Kitakyushu


・Exhibited at MAISON&OBJET 2020, Paris France
・Launches SHIMA SHIMA EARTH SDGs series, started textile development using wefts made from recycled fibers
・Participated in "KOKURA DENIM(certified as a JAPAN Brand by Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry)" expansion project in North America with HULS Inc, Yuh Textile Studio Noriko Tsuiki, and Kokura Textile Inc.


・Produced original pattern for Skin Care Brand "ITRIM" (ACRO Inc., POLA ORBIS Group)
・Planning and Production of the original pattern for Time&Style


・Changed its company name to KOKURA SHIMA SHIMA INC.
・Founded Kokura-ori Cooperative
・Designed original pattern for the 55th anniversary of Kitakyushu City (The pattern design is used for business cards of city officials.)
・Exhibited Hakama at Tokyo Girls Collection, Kitakyushu Japan "FUKUOKA KIMONO COLLECTION"
・Created art panels for Kitakyushu airport lounge renewal construction


・Exhibited at Global Summit of Women 2017, Tokyo Japan


・Cooperated for Kokura-ori installation art at OPEN BORDERS organized by INTERNI during Milano Design Week 2016
・Selected as the fabric for 14 different men's apparel brands at the project of ISETAN MITSUKOSHI HOLDINGS
・Adopted for reception venue decoration and commemorative gift presented by the Minister at the G7 Kitakyushu Energy Ministerial Meeting


・Exhibited at Ambiente 2015, Frankfurt Germany
・Exhibited Kimono at Tokyo Girls Collection, Kitakyushu Japan "FUKUOKA KIMONO COLLECTION"


・Exhibited at MAISON&OBJET 2014, Paris France
・Exhibited at Ambiente 2014, Frankfurt Germany
・Exhibited at London Fashion Week, London England
・Selected for ribbon straps for 1st KITAKYUSHU MARATHON 2014(Continued ever since)


・Exhibited at MAISON&OBJET 2013, Paris France


・Exhibited at MAISON&OBJET 2012, Paris France


・Exhibited at MAISON&OBJET 2011, Paris France (Kokura-ori's Overseas Expansion Project certified as a JAPAN Brand by Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry)
・Exhibited at Salone del Mobile.Milano, Milan Italy
・Started Production and sales of towels in collaboration with imabari towel and Kokura-ori


・Exhibited at MAISON&OBJET 2010, Paris France
・Participated in "CONNECT TO JAPAN DESIGN" at Ambiente 2010, Frankfurt Germany
・Received a Prize at GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2010


・Exhibited at MAISON&OBJET 2019, Paris France
・Participated in "cool-J" at Ambiente 2010, Frankfurt Germany
・Adopted as interior designs at Hotel Il Palazzo, Fukuoka


・Exhibited at Ambiente 2008, Frankfurt, Germany, after being selected for overseas exhibits at the audit of "sozo_comm (daily necessities brand development project sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry)."


・Launched SHIMA SHIMA brand(Currently known as KOKURA SHIMA SHIMA)
・Received Grand Prize at 9th Fukuoka Design Award


・Successfully developed broadloom Koura-ori(with dyed yarns and vertical stripes designed and supervised by textile artist Noriko Tsuiki) after initiating research and development
・Developed multi-purpose textiles for interior use


・Revived Salt and Pepper machine-woven Kokura-ori known as the uniform fabric of Fukuoka Prefectural Kokura High School


・Founded KOKURA CREATION INC. (Eiko Watabe, Representative Director)
・Started Production and sales of handwoven Kokura-ori by Noriko Tsuiki and small items


・Founded NUNO Annex INC.

Company name:


In December of 2018, the company name changed.

Established date:

May 7th, 1996


・Textile design, manufacturing, and sales

・Interior planning, designing, and producing

・Product development and designing using textile, and sales

・Operation of the retail store “KOKURA SHIMA SHIMA.”


Hideko Watabe
Representative Director  

Company Overview

Corporate Group

Kokura Textile Inc.

Overseas Distributors

HULS Gallery Singapore

24 Duxton Hill, Singapore, 089607

TEL: +65-9643-8910


Otemachi 3-1-107, Kokurakita-ku
Kitakyushu, Fukuoka 8030814


TEL +81-93-561-0700
FAX +81-93-953-8088

Business hours: 10:00 ― 18:00

Closed on Wednesday.


Mainichiseibukaikan, 2F

Konyamachi 13-1, Kokurakita-ku
Kitakyushu, Fukuoka 8020081


TEL +81-93-561-0700
FAX +81-93-953-8088


Business hours: 9:00 ― 18:00

Closed on weekends and some holidays.

Company History

― Our Mission ―

We pass on the tradition of Kokura-ori and make it to a world-renowned textile.

Kokura-ori, born in the Edo era, has a history of over 400 years. After once lost, Kokura-ori was brought back to life and reproduced. Working on with its new generation, we are here to make it a world-renowned textile. Kokura Creation, Ltd., the predecessor of KOKURA SHIMA SHIMA INC. was launched in 1996. While passing on the tradition of over 400 years of Kokura-ori, we developed it into a modern textile that resonates with contemporary people. Our products are now widely used here and highly recognized as "KOKURA STRIPES" abroad. The range of places to show the beauty of our stripes is expanding, including the production of original goods and novelties with various corporations and organizations. We will keep creating innovative designs and share the appeal of Kokura-ori to the rest of the world on behalf of traditional Kitakyushu and the Japanese industry. 

― Business Details ―

Utilize Kokura-ori in the various scenes beyond the genre and industry.

KOKURA SHIMA SHIMA INC. launched original brand “KOKURA SHIMA SHIMA” in 2007. We enthusiastically engaged in producing new textile and released series “SHIMA SHIMA BASIC,” “SHIMA SHIMA CLASSIC,” “SHIMA SHIMA EVOL,” “SHIMA SHIMA LIV,” “SHIMA SHIMA CASA," “SHIMA SHIMA EARTH” and “Pepper and Salt” according to customer needs and with our brand concept. 

Our Kokura-ori evolved to suit the lifestyle of people and changed with the time, such as creating dynamic textile design using whole fabric like an extensive canvas and development of sustainable material using cotton yarn and recycled polyester yarn. With the broad range of potential, it is now used for wallpapers at hotels and reception halls, furniture, decorations, and art panels. We also are working on sustainability initiatives cooperating with various corporations and organizations.

― Cooperation with Kokura Textile Inc. ―

Detail-oriented manufacturing process.

Kokura Textile Inc., launched in 2018, locates on the second floor of the newspaper company building in the middle of the city, 10 minutes walking distance from JR Kokura station and next to KOKURA SHIMA SHIMA INC. One of Japan's rarest and new type of warping machines and looms used with great care are working in space. It has been producing textiles under precise direction in each case. Collaborating with Kokura Textile Inc, we can supervise all through planning, designing, and manufacturing and provide high quality and designed products tailored to the customer's needs.

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