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It’s the one and only beauty of three-dimensional and subtle vertical stripes.

The textiles of KOKURA SHIMA SHIMA are known as KOKURA STRIPE overseas. The most significant appeal of KOKURA SHIMA SHIMA is its beautiful and perspective vertical stripes. Stripes are one of the well-known basic designs worldwide, but the distinctive characteristic of KOKURA SHIMA SHIMA is delightful gradation. Unlike the conventional stripes, our exquisite stripes weaved with various colors of warps are unparalleled. The design created by interlacing multiple thin dyed yarns can produce limitless variations. It will bring new and stimulating experiences. 



It's a symbol of evolving Kokura-ori. It makes expressing freely and dynamically. 

Ordinary Kokura-ori brought various beauty by repeating the pattern of stripes. However, "SHIMA SHIMA EVOL" created in 2019 dramatically expands its design possibilities. "EVOL" stands for evolution and becomes "LOVE" if you read backward. We installed advanced warping machines so that we could handle progressive tailor-made orders. We can create dynamic and unlimited stripe designs without repeating the pattern of stripes using whole fabric like an extensive canvas. The stripes weaved with dyed yarns and designed by warps have organic lights and shadows on the surface. Its deep finished look will be a good fit for high-grade spatial design and interior good as curtains, sofas, and art panels.

Kokura-ori’s excellent designs and its expanding possibilities 

The appeal of revived Kokura-ori is the design of its perspective vertical stripes, and the stripes have a high reputation. Currently, the art panel used Kokura-ori displayed at the Kitakyushu Airport's lounge, and the design of Kokura-ori is used for the package of sake breweries and department stores. Also, the Kokura-ori is gathering attention from the bearers of traditional Japanese crafts, and the collaborations beyond the genre and Kokura-ori's usages keep growing. In the collaborative project with Imabari Towel, a Japanese towel industry leader, we could produce plush texture domestically produced towels with KOKURA SHIMA SHIMA pattern by exchanging ideas as manufacturers characterized by dyed yarns. 

Design Rights

All the designs, including textile design, products, and brand, belong to KOKURA SHIMA SHIMA INC. (Trademark registered.) Unauthorized copying and replicating the contents of this site, the images of products and textile designs (stripes, salt and pepper), pattern names, and logos are strictly prohibited. We may contact you for unauthorized copying and replication. Please note that we may take legal action on its case. 

Please get in touch with us in advance if you wish to use our site contents and images of design (stripes). 

For general customers: We sell fabric and scrap material for private purposes for individuals, families, and friends and not for commercial use or secondary sales. (This does not apply in the case of jumble sale for school, community contribution, etc.) 

For corporate customers: Please get in touch with us via the contact form for the purchase. 

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